Thursday, May 4, 2017

THE BARONESS VON HINDENBERG RETURNS, outside at Performances Staged, May 1977

My first performance at Performances Staged, my loft on West Broadway, in May 1997 was a Structuralist pantomime/dance descending the fire escape: 

 The Baroness, a combination go Grace Kelly and Anita Ekberg leaves her high school flame in Centralia for the high life with a Hollywood producer who offers her a film career.

 She leaves the producer to marry a European Baron and then is lured back by the producer who offers her a TV series.  She tosses the kids and returns to the U.S.

 There she runs into her high school flame now a bum in SoHo and offers herself but he has moved on, preferring his life as a bum.

Photographs by Edward Druck,        
The Cast:  Bette Druck as The Baroness,
Jed Harris as The Producer,
Brian Russo as The Baron,
& yours truly as The Bum/old flame.
A soundtrack blared from outdoor speakers on the third floor.

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