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QUEER LOVE: The Homovies will be screening in Berlin Friday 10/19 at Moviemento 2:15 pm and Saturday 10/20 at 10:15 pm

Israeli-born Uzi Parnes is a prolific member of the New York Underground Scene. As a filmmaker, performer, photographer and club founder he shaped and influenced queer art practice in the US-American metropolis since the 1970s.

Uzi Parnes, USA 1978/1983, 8 min, English OV
In 1978, Uzi Parnes started taking photos of the piers – primarily slides for use in his slide shows. These included both classic shots documenting the architecture and fantasy shots where he would shoot a roll of film at the piers and then superimpose other images on this first layer by running the slide film through the camera more than once.

Uzi Parnes, USA 1991, 10 min, English OV
A portrait of the boy who got away.

Uzi Parnes, Ty Ginger, USA 1992, 17 min, English OV
The film captures the first throes of lust and desire that characterize the primary stages of hooking up with the filmmaker’s Israeli boyfriend Ty.

Uzi Parnes, USA 1994, 5 min, English OV
A coming out story. After visiting the filmmaker for Passover, his mother called and asked if he is laying down with that Israeli man.

Uzi Parnes, USA 1995, 28 min, English OV
mit: Rosa von Praunheim, Uzi Parnes, Sweetie, Carmelita Tropicana,  Lou Maletta, Slave Dale, Tom Murrin, Jason Reeves, Don Boyle, Darrell Perry, Ela Troyano
On June 20, 1994 the filmmaker strangled his domestic partner – Ty Ginger. "Batterer" is a fictional exploration of what might have happened had he not released his hold once Ty stopped struggling. It explores the motivation behind this act of violence, but as a surreal black comedy.

Uzi Parnes, USA 2010, 23 min, English OV
A dark, multi-layered portrait of Parnes’ parents and their reaction to their son’s queer identity as his father slowly dies.
Guest: Uzi Parnes

All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.
Guest: Uzi Parnes

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

VAGINAL DAVIS'S review of our Berlin show


Last night saw the amazing intro Spective on the dynamic East Village art tag team of Ela Troyano & Uzi Parnes.  Kudos to Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus for bringing this standout program to Berlin.  Its just what the city needs.  I unfortunately missed the opening and the La Lupe Queen of Latin Soul (2007)film which everyone is talking about.  During Camp/Anti-Camp I had already seen Carmelita Tropicana:  Your Kunst Is Your Waffen which is hilarious and stars the divine Carmelita who is Ela´s sensationally talented sister.  I feel horrible that I missed Uzi´s Structuralism & Sex Program of lovesexxxy shorts. 
Thank god I was able to see Uzi´s magnificent queer love home movies that includes the slide show Sex Piers, Queer Love Poem (1991) that features a stunning Latin youth lust object, the mad cap Seven Days with the Same Dick (1992) Happy Mother´s Day (1993) the disturbingly transcendent Batterer(1995) and triumphantly personal Memorimort (2010)
It was also a treat and pleasure to watch Ela´s 1997 feature Latin Boys Go to Hell which was produced by Jurgen Brunning who also did a fab job as moderator in conversation with Ela after the zany David Does Venus(1984-1989) and another rare short subject flicker featuring a riotious Nick Zedd.  When the brilliant Tante Jurgen is on, he is really ON!!!!!  Daniel Hendrickson was also charming during his Q&A with Uzi.  In the audience:  Empress Stefanie, Uli Ziemons and Pauline Beaudry and an assortment of German, & Greeks trying to escape from football madness.
Tonight is the last evening of the intro Spective with a joint program that includes some rarely seen classix like Carmelita Gets the Spirit (1988) and Loisaida Lusts(1985) and perhaps some surprises, so come on down to historic Potsdamer Platz for your ElaUzi fixxxx.
My interview with Manuel Schubert for internet radio program Film Highlights:

Manuel Schubert  filmanzeiger  filmhighlights»
» filmhighlights - das Kinomagazin

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's OK it's just white chocolate...

WORLD PEACE my very rarely screened 1987 short will play this Friday in Berlin, after two amazing movies by Ela Troyano.  And yes it is only white chocolate.  (The cast preferred to remain nameless.)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I've been invited to Summer Camp

No not in the Catskills this one is at Schroeder Romero at 531 West 26th, opening June 7th from 6-8pm.
I'll be showing three color photos of Jack Smith shot in 1982, including two from I WAS A MALE YVONNE DE CARLO FOR THE LUCKY LANDLORD UNDERGROUND.  You can see him peeking through the U in summer.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Ela Troyano and I will be having a joint Introspective at the Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art  June 21-23 and I will be showing work that has not been seen in more than 20 years, so I hope you can join us there.


Jane Lawrence Smith, Maureen Angeles and Assotto Saint in LOISAIDA LUSTS by Ela Troyano and Uzi Parnes 1986

Holly Hughes,  Maureen Angeles and Ethyl Eichelberger in Uzi Panes's The MS. LOISAIDA PAGEANT, 1984

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mick at the Rock

             An amazing moment at last night's SNL wrap party.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Now 30% more LOVE AT THE BEACH

Uzi Parnes, LOVE AT THE BEACH 2012

You can get these projected in Times Square by voting to collect:

Uzi's Two Day Sweet Brisket and Spicy Tuna Gefilte Fish

For my semi-Seder this year I made a sweet brisket as our main course but since the Seder fell on Good Friday and at least one of my guests doesn't eat meat on G.F. I felt I had to make a fish dish as well and home made Gefilte Fish out of Tuna seemed like a great way to go. 
 Brisket recipe:  about a 3.5 lbs brisket.  (I got mine at the W.F. on Union Square),  2 large onions, 1lb white mushrooms, 3 or 4 carrots, garlic powder, salt and pepper to taste, 12oz can of apricot nectar, 2 cups sweet red wine (I used kosher wine because we had some in the house for D.D.'s charoset, but any sweet wine will work.)  Preheat oven to 325.  Chop onions and carrots into one inch pieces.  Remove mushroom stems.  Put all the vegetables in an oven safe pot or baking sheet.  Cover brisket with garlic powder, salt and pepper and place over vegetables in pot.  Add apricot nectar and wine.  Cover and roast long and slow at 325 for at least 5-6 hours.  If your oven runs hot lower to 275-300.  After cooking for at least 5 hours remove from oven, and let cool.  Remove meat from pot and let rest on a board.  Meanwhile skim as much fat off the pot as possible.  When the meat has cooled, cut it into slices across the bias and add to the vegetables and sauce.  Let cool and store in fridge overnight.  Before serving the NEXT day, reheat again low and slow at 325 or so until warm throughout-at least an hour or two.  The meat needs to be cooked, sliced, and stored overnight to get all the flavors.  You can substitute liquids you prefer if apricot nectar or sweet kosher wine are not on hand.  Only must is low and slow and storing sliced overnight.
Fortunately this Gefilte Tuna recipe is not quite as time consuming.  i got a 1.5 lbs of packaged frozen spicy orange tuna at W.F. on Union Square.  I defrosted, cut in pieces and placed it in the food processor along with 1/2 an large onion, two scallions, an egg, and half a package of Streitz's Matzo Ball mix.  I processed thoroughly into a thick doughy consistency.  I let the mixture rest in the fridge for about 15 minutes and meanwhile boiled two quarts of water.  When the water boiled I generously salted and then added 4oz of hot sauce and 4 or 5 bay leaves.  Using a teaspoon I shaped 12 small ellipses and gently dropped into the spicy boiling water mixture.  Once the water came back to a boil I lowered the heat to low and cooked the fish for about 45-60 minutes at low heat.  I removed the fish and strained the cooking liquid of all solids then returned the water to the pot.  I reduced the liquid until less than two cups remained.  Let it cool and then poured it over the fish and cooled in the fridge overnight.  Serve cold with lots of horseradish and the sauce.  Nouvelle style gefilte a la Uzi...

Monday, April 9, 2012

69 more collectors will get LOVE AT THE BEACH closer to Times Square
I've entered the Artists Wanted: Art in Times Square contest to get LOVE AT THE BEACH projected on a billboard at T.S.  Please help me by logging in to the link above and collecting "LOVE AT THE BEACH"  its free but you need to log in.  Thank you.  Uzi
                                      One of the photos in the series LOVE AT THE BEACH
P.S. stay tuned for my now sought after Sweet Passover Brisket and Spicy Tuna Gefilte Fish recipes.

Friday, March 9, 2012

The Piers: Art & Sex Along the New York Waterfront

The Piers: Art & Sex Along the New York Waterfront
At Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in SoHo, 26 Wooster Street.   The exhibition is curated by Jonathan Weinberg & Darren Jones and runs from April 4-May 12.  It will include the work of Vito Acconci, John Fekner, Leonard Fink, Ivan Galietti, Frank Hallam, Peter Hujar, Gordon Matta-Clark, Uzi Parnes, Shelley Seccombe, Shunk and Kender, Lee Snider, Stanley Stellar, Tava, Arthur Tress, and David Wojnarowicz.             
Opening April 4 from 6-8pm.  Hours Noon-6pm, Tue. – Sat.

Uzi Parnes: Beach Club, 1981; in-camera multiple exposure