Saturday, April 4, 2015

My accidental tzimmis with matzo-meal streusel

For my semi-seder this year I made my usual brisket (see recipe in an earlier entry) but had a hard time finding the apricot nectar I usually use to cook the meat in and had to find a substitution.  I got a can of apricot halves and another of pineapple chunks both in heavy syrup and used the fruit along with two cut up large onions and 8 or 10 baby carrots as a rack for my meat, and used the syrup along with two cups of sweet kosher wine and 2 cups of beef bouillon to cook the meat low and slow.  Since I was planning on having baby carrots as a side dish about an hour before I took the meat out I stuck a pound package of baby carrots in a baking dish and let them roast at about 275 for an hour or so.  They weren't quite done so I figured I would roast them longer the next day when cooking the meat after it has been sliced.  But after I saw all the stewed apricots, pineapple and onion under the brisket a flash bulb went off in my Yiddishe kopp and suddenly it occurred to me why not try making a tzimmis, the traditional sweet and savory carrot dish that often accompanies Jewish holiday meat.
So here are my ingredients, though you don't necessarily need to cook them under meat.  A cup or so of kosher sweet wine will do the trick.

1 can of apricot halves in sweet syrup, 1 can of pineapple chunks in sweet syrup, two large onions,   1lb of baby carrots, 1 cup of wine or juice, 4oz butter, 1/2 cup of brown sugar, 2/3 cup of whole wheat matzo-meal.

Cook the apricots, pineapple and onions with the wine or juice low and slow at 300 degrees until they are fully stewed, (or place them under your brisket while that is cooking.)
Separately cook the carrots with a sprinkling of the brown sugar for about an hour in a covered baking dish, leaving enough room to add the fruit later.  Assemble the fruit mixture atop the carrots and then mix the rest of the brown sugar, matzo-meal and melted butter in a bowl till it is fully mixed into a pasty texture.  Spread the streusel mix over the fruit and bake covered for another hour at 350 degrees.  Once it's baked through it can sit in warming oven for as long as needed till served.

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