Saturday, February 27, 2010

Translation of Excerpt from Article by Jan Kedeves, Berlin

This year the organiser of the queer Teddy Award could find 61 films within the Berlinale festival program. That's quite amazing when you have 400 films. But the most queer event of the festival wasn't even counted in. The New York experimental filmmaker Uzi Parnes and the Cuban filmmaker Ela Troyano had organised a wild and loud orgy of images on thursday night at the Arsenal, in conjunction with the Forum Expanded Program. Images of naked Adonisses, documentary footage from the Fuck piers ( these public cruising areas in the 80's in in abandoned buildings at the harbour in Manhattan), brain fucking sewing noises by John Zorn and a live reading by berlin actress Susanne Sachsse. This was a performance in the tradition of the "Live Film" concept of Jack Smith, whose intention it was, to create an almost non reproductable, unconventional and therefore uncommercial form of film. Uzi Parnes, who cooperated with Smith in the 80's, and Troyano, who received a Teddy Award for Carmelita Tropican in 1994, were working against the ultra-conventional films, which were most represented by the boring queer documentaries in this years festival.

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