Saturday, November 19, 2016

Draft George Clooney to run for president in 2020!

I want to put fort the idea that the Democratic Party's only chance to regain power and prevent eight years of autocracy is to ensure winning the next presidential election by fighting star power with even more star power... and George Clooney out trumps our future president.
I have mentioned this idea to a few people who have suggested alternatives -- Oprah, Senator Warren, Senator Sanders but unfortunately I believe the U.S. is still too racist, misogynistic and anti-semitic to elect any of these.  
But George Clooney has the universal appeal, political acumen and record in philanthropy that may make him a viable alternative.  NO POLITICIAN can out trump our future president: but Hollywood in the person of Mr. Clooney could.  Of course it would not hurt if he got elected to Congress first and that would need to happen in 2018.  I am hoping people will take this seriously, especially my friends who are friends of friends of Mr. Clooney. Please tell him the United States needs him to fight the autocracy that will befall if the Republican Party stays in office for eight years.  Draft Clooney in 2020!

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